Does Archaeology Support the Bible?

Archaeology is a science that opens a window into our past.

Archaeology is the science of uncovering the past through material remains, such as fossils, artifacts, and monuments. 

Bible archaeology is the study of ancient cultures and events related to the biblical texts.

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The question of whether the Bible is a historical document or simply a religious account is one of long debate. While the Bible is certainly a religious text, it is historically set, spanning thousands of years and many rulers and kingdoms. This makes it open to testing and therefore verification. Far from failing to hold up against archeological scrutiny, the Bible has been lauded by many archeologists as one of the most accurate source documents in history, correctly identifying ancient figures, events, and nations even before secular sources such as the Hittites. But oddly enough, Egyptology and archaeology have also caused doubts with scholars about much of the Old Testament history.  Most Christians are unaware of how Egyptology and archaeology have damaged the credibility of the Bible’s pre-7th century history, but is this deserved? You will see that it is the chronologies that are in error, not the Bible. 

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