Creation Science

What If…
the World was Created?
We’ll Show You Real Evidence!
“You Decide”

What is the Creation Education Museum (CEM)?

The CEM is designed to provide powerful information that supports a biblical young earth.

The museum to teach creation was created by many volunteers, and many donations from concerned individuals. The original concept was installed in the Akron Fossils and Science Center. With an exceptionally economical budget and a lot of tender loving care, a collection of creation and intelligent design information and examples were displayed randomly. Yet even as it was missing panache there was a powerful guided tour. Thousands of families and interested individuals were introduced to the “Assumption Junction”, the powerful Mt. St. Helen Data and a in-depth look at the Seven Days of Creation.

This tour and the attempt to teach people about our young earth inspired Nyles E. Reinfeld who is a local entrepreneur and marketing professional. Nyles was introduced to Creation later in life after watching an Answers in Genesis VHS video that was narrated by Ken Ham. His only thought, “why is this information suppressed by our education system?”. Later to see it is our powerful public education system and the way they want to interpret the separation of church and state. Information in creation museums is based on factual information including scientific data. The millions of people who support and believe in a young earth are suffering. The courts will not allow this science in schools and critics try to paint narratives such as flat earthers and other fanciful ideas. This oppression inspires us!

The Creationist Resistance

The Creation Education Museum is a concept created as a beacon of hope for all communities. The system was designed to be duplicated and used to educate in smaller markets, vacation towns, and other good traffic areas. In 2016 Nyles Reinfeld presented a model of what the apologetics Akron Fossils and Science Center’s tour could look like. Nyles’ advertising and marketing company specializes in assisting brands such as Adidas, Ping, and others! All Nyles needed was the scientific input! That is when Todd Styer, engineer and professor at the University of Akron, stepped up to assist to build the projects information. Today the renamed “Creation Education Museum” explodes with powerful scientific data, coordinated exhibits and powerful supporting graphics.

Why Visit the Creation Education Museum?

If this, creation, is new to you… you just need to do yourself a favor and check us out. Obviously we’re a faith based organization and Jesus is very important to us, but the theme of the CEM is “You Decide”. We invite those of different religions, atheists or any other belief system to see what you’ll never have an opportunity to see in a public school. Remember? “Separation of Church and State”? Even if you walk away and don’t want to believe in “Assumptions” or “How life Began” we accept you. There are no bible beatings going on here! You’ll find that the Akron Fossils and Science Center offers many programs that are faith neutral, and many people enjoy these activities.

If you’re attending a church and want to learn more about young earth apologetics, please stop in and learn from the CEM. You will find hours and hours of creation objects, photos, articles and videos to learn from. We even sell many publications so you can “Take it Further”.  The Creation Education Museum is just a small part of this journey! There are millions of creationists around the world. Scientists, doctors, biologists and many other professional studies who support a young earth. This is not a small roadside “Largest Ball of Twine” site seeing adventure. The Creation Education Museum will introduce you to professionals, associations, peer-reviewed publications and large universities that teach creation.

Duplicate the Creation Education Museum

We want to see Creation Education Museums around the world! We believe we can assist in developing talking points and influence our visitors to question their own assumptions. “Taking it Further” only drives our visitors to larger creation and young earth organizations! We just need to get the information in front of people. Let them decide but we need to plant seeds!  Contact us to learn more.