Creation On The Road

We come to you. Do you have an organization that would like to learn more about creation and how it impacts the bible, culture and our lives? Contact the Creation Education Museum team of qualified speakers. We’ll discuss topics and scedules.

Creation on the Road!

The Creation Education Museum also has speakers that can travel to you!  We are currently offering an “Introduction to Creation Science” presented by David Robles.  See the information contact card below to contact David and book him to speak to your congregation about this incredible topic!

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Stay in contact with the CEM and the Creation Speaks series by joining us on Facebook, by connecting on our email list, or visiting the CEM website and Akron Fossils and Science Center in Copley Ohio. Click to be added to the email list.

“I heard Dave Robles give an impressive talk regarding the evidence of design seen throughout microbiology, the fossil record, and into the known universe. His lecture showed his passion for the subject and his wide knowledge base. I was excited to learn more by the end, but the time limit of course kept the presentation to a reasonable length. He had much more to say, however, and I am looking forward to his next presentation!”

Dennis T.

“Get ready to be wowed. Dave brings his passion for Creation science and defending the truth in his Introduction to Creation Science. It will instruct and encourage the Christian and challenge the unbeliever. Not to be missed.”

Ben P.

“Dave brings a fascinating presentation of creation, science and global disaster from a solid biblical viewpoint. Dave is a wealth of knowledge from years of study on these subjects. This is enjoyed by both Adults and young people alike.”

Matthew S.

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The "Creation Education Museum" is located in the "Akron Fossils and Science Center". Located in rural beautiful Copley, Ohio just minutes from Akron and Cleveland. 

Directions: 2080 S Cleveland Massillon Rd, Akron, OH 44321
Call for LARGE group tours: (330) 665-3466