Creation Science

What If…
the World was Created?
We’ll Show You Real Evidence!
“You Decide”

Creation Culture

Thirty years ago, creation science studies where hard to find. Today with the internet publications are still important but digital technology has made it hard to suppress thinking. The 21st Century has brought an explosion of schools, churches and institutions that emphasize that God created the world. The bible is our main peer reviewed publication that authenticates creation. Science perpetually aligns with God’s word. When you honestly study the evidence at hand creation is revealed in spectacular ways! Created ways that challenge our thinking, restores social equality and points to salvation. The study of God’s Word aligns with advances in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Fearfully and wonderfully made, you are! And, God has sent his son to reconcile his relationship with you. Equality, compassion, and love started with creation. When God created the world he said, “It is Good”. Yet there was a fall… A compulsive need to be our own god and to reduce dependance on the true and one God. Jesus was sent to be the final agreement between us and God. To accept Jesus as a perfect man, he was also God, and allowed himself to be hung on the cross to die… but he also rose again as it was seen by hundreds of witnesses. But, there is much more to reveal historical and observable evidence.

The Journey Begins

Below are links to many organizations that support creation. At this point the journey starts with the next step. Is it important to understand what God says about you and the opportunity he’s given us? Do you like the idea of “No Races” that we are created Equal? Are you without hope? Many are trampled by the idea they are just elements with no direction or meaning. God gives you meaning and hope! Evolution really has no answers. Where do we come from? An evolutionist can’t tell you. Only that it must have randomly happened in a kaleidoscope of star dust. Evolutionism (Faith Based Religion) takes a lot of faith! Creationist’s have faith too. We have faith that God’s Word is true, real and is Perpetual. This setting not only makes for an intensive growth experience, but a backdrop like no other for Al to teach on creation geology, from what we see and learn from the rocks.