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What If…
the World was Created?
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Questioning life. We believe the best way to learn is to question. Question? Yes, questions are what spearhead science, technology, engineering and mathematics! Creationist believe that STEM studies always lead to God. Yet, if we believe this we also need to acknowledge that there are people that don’t want us to believe in God. Not everyone, but there are people that would prefer that God just went away.  In the United States of America everyone has God given freedom to believe in anything they want and to worship what ever god they choose. That’s what God allows too. We just want everyone to know all the science that’s available and we should not fear asking the hard questions. Below are some of these questions. You Decide!

What Happened to the
Mastodons and Mammoths?

Are Dating Methods Reliable?

How are Rock Layers Formed?

What Formed the Grand Canyon?

Why are there Living Fossils?

What is Evolution Really Capable Of?

Did Apes Evolve into Men?

Are Dragons just Myths?

Did Dinosaurs & Humans Coexist?

Are Humans More Intelligent Today?

Intelligent Design?

What is needed to Cause an Ice Age?

Was there Really a Global Flood?

Does Archaeology Support the Bible?

Is God’s Word Reliable?

You Decide!