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Are Dating Methods Reliable?

We know the date of the fossils by the layers they are found in. And, the date of the rock by the fossils found in them. 

Don’t let that confuse you and if it does don’t worry because we have very accurate measuring equipment such as carbon and radiometric dating available. We don’t have a control substance over several thousand years old, but we do make the assumption that the properties measured don’t change?

Can one measure the length of a highway by the number of cars on it? You can try. Estimate the length of the car and count the cars you see go by? There are obvious problems with this analysis. The big problem is the flow of cars changes based on the time of year, time of day and so on. You’d be making a BIG assumption if you assumed the flow of cars never changed. This is the problem with modern ancient dating methods. There are many assumptions that will never be observed.