Are Humans More Intelligent Today?

In the time of early man, just before the Ice Age, it is suggested without the wheel, tools or agriculture, Gobekli Tepe appears with advanced technologies, detailed architecture and astronomically aligned with the cardinal directions. We have many archaeological finds that put to question, “Are Humans More Intelligent Today?”

If humans where less intelligent why do we observe construction projects from thousands of years ago that we can’t explain how they were created? We see the evidence in the massive statues of Easter Islands, batteries from ancient Baghdad, navigational tools used in the Mediterranean Sea and huge pyramids around the world! If man evolved, where did they get the modern engineering techniques? Creation explains that man was created by God. God did not create unintelligent creatures in hopes they became intelligent. God created intelligent people after his own image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

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Thousands of years ago the Egyptians built massive structures such as the Pyramid Ghyze. Were these people less intelligent? They may not have had the technology as in the twenty first century but they had the ingenuity!

Ancient Temple in Cancun Mexico. Pyramid built by Mayans thousands of years ago.

Daily Ancient Life. Symbols for work and building on Prehistoric Tablet Stone.