Did Dinosaurs & Humans Coexist?

Dinosaurs lived over 250 million years ago?  This is the assumption of the evolutionists. The idea matches their slow process of evolution. As you learn more about science and dating methods you’ll see the huge assumptions made. There is no way to travel back in time to comfirm millions of years.

Yet, creation science embraces real human history! Dinasaurs and humans have coexisted for thousands of years. Visit the Creation Education Museum to learn more. 

The engraving, left, “Killing Crocodiles” published by Theodore de Bry in 1591 shows a reptile with some dinasaur features. Florida Memory. These images are denounced by evolutionist because they do not match their conjecture.

Dinosaur and human footprints have been discovered together in the river bed of the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas.

These tracks have been disputed by evolutionary scientists as “impossible” because dinosaurs were supposedly extinct millions of years before man was thought to have evolved. But rocks don’t lie!

In 1999, during a severe drought in central Texas more human and dinosaur tracks were uncovered in the same river rock strata near Dinosaur State Park.


Dinosaur depicted in stone carving on an ancient Cambodian temple.